1. Crying because Hot Toys Loki arrived today.

  2. Suddenly Alpacasso.

  3. My collection is almost complete. :D  I got the Venus, Mars and Jupiter Henshin wands in the mail today from Kuma Crafts.

  4. This might be the best present I’ve ever given anyone.  Merry Christmas Mom!

  5. That awkward moment when you don’t realize how much Copic stuff you have until you lay it all out on the floor.

  6. There is officially no more room for presents under my Christmas tree.

  7. The new pride and joy of my print collection. :)  From the Making of Rise of the Guardians Artist Panel and Book Signing.  I wanted to take it to get it framed today… but alas, it was raining all day. D:

  8. Nothing is better after a long night of recording stupid voices in the audio studio than an Old Dirty Bastard from Voodoo Doughnuts. :B


  9. I totally uploaded a video this morning…

    Set it on private… then totally forgot about it. Kerrie FAIL.

    I guess I should go work on that…

  10. Yay!  My new desk is finally clean and organized with the underneath storage finally where it is suppose to be. :D

  11. Look!  I got a new desk!!! :D  And it’s so unbelievably messy right now that I might die.


  12. Dear Kerrie…

    Remember that one time when you didn’t answer any of your YouTube comments for like a week and a half and now you have like 10,000,000 things to respond to?


  13. the-broken-heart-of-mexico:

    Learn Me Right - Birdy with Mumford & Sons

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  14. notsoplainbutinsanejane:

    This is what happens when you have no internet and Photoshop


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