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    OMG if only I had this much talent…

    Remember when this is really weird and omg Kerrie what.

    So… apparently my art is a gif set now.


  2. Today is my 25th birthday…

    Yesterday was my actual party - which consisted of my friends coming to my house and watching both seasons of Sherlock straight through.  We ordered pizza and left this message for the delivery guy:

    He was amused. :B

    Katie made me the best birthday card ever:

    I got my beautiful Rapunzel doll!

    Most people would go out and party on their birthday… and what am I planning to do today?  This afternoon will consist of me sitting around, watching Doctor Who, reading, doing a yummy puzzle and generally being a lazy bum.  And I’m perfectly alright with that. :D


  3. Art prints!

    Finally got around to getting frames for my prints today… they’d been sitting around waiting to be framed for a looong time.

    My Rapunzel print (that limited edition one I posted about in January)

    These two are the ones I ordered from Off the Page when I was in Disneyland. :D

    Sadly, the only one I didn’t get a frame for is my Sherlock print…

    I had to custom frame it… so I’m still waiting for that frame. D:

    I think they’ll go nicely with the other two prints I have up already - My Thomas Kinkade Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle prints. :D



  4. What I got at Disneyland! :D

    Thought I would show everyone what I got while I was at Disneyland last week!

    First… I found this WONDERFUL Rapunzel doll at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney :D

    I got this cute princess storybook…

    The only reason I got this was because the art in it is rather beautiful. :)

    Pins!!!  I really kept myself from buying like 10,000 pins while I was there… I already have a lot on my bag. XD

    This is what my bag looks like now, with the pins I got on my last trip (and that’s not all of them)

    And last but not least… the thing I wanted most of all and didn’t buy….


    I ogled this lovely limited edition Giclée Claire Keane print while I was at Off The Page in California Adventure….  but it was $495.00 to purchase the framed print from the store (plus tax… which I hate… since we don’t have sales tax in Oregon). D:  So, I refrained from buying it… even though I really, really wanted it.  I did buy two other prints from Off The Page, both of which I cannot find images of online since they’re park exclusives or something.  I’ll post pictures of them when I get them in a few weeks. :D

    On Friday, after I got home from Disneyland, I decided to see if I could find that Rapunzel print online cheaper… since I still really wanted it.  And what do I find?  They sell it on the Disneystore website (same limited edition 150 copies), but you can buy it as a rolled, unframed print.  Of course I bought it.  It was shipped today, and then I’ll get it professionally framed and not have to pay sales tax (score).  It was still pretty expensive, but it wasn’t 500 bucks.

    And thats everything I got! (I think lol)

    I’m also gonna post some picture from my trip on here soon too!

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    what am I doing with my life

    ^ Improving mine.

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    Amazing version of the designer Rapunzel by Kerri Jenkins

    Wow this is wonderful!

    :D Whee!  My picture is being blogged! *dance*  I’m glad everyone is liking it!


  7. image

    I need to get a new video editor… apparently Windows Movie Maker does not like my HD video files. =__= So much for having a new video up tomorrow.


  8. Inking in progress…


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  10. Sketch

    Every time I look at this sketch I really want to make a quick video out of it…


    But alas, I have real homework to do… rather than doing whatever I want. D:

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    Tangled Concept Art

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    I love this.

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    + Tangled (2010) concept art by Lisa Keane

    Lisa made some of my favorite artwork for this film! 

    Hey, Lisa Keane. Knock it off. …except don’t because I love you. :D

    I have no artist talent whatsoever. D: *cries in a corner*

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    omg D: that is so amazing >.< 


    Whee!  My video was blogged!