1. Finally finished this… I’m not entirely happy with how it came out, but that is alright.  The YouTube video will be edited and uploaded tomorrow! :O

  2. Holy new YouTube video Batman!  Coloring Anna and Elsa from Frozen, along with terrible audio commentary!

  3. Finished coloring Elsa, now onto Anna. :)

  4. Nearly finished this sketch today in class, I’m thinking of coloring it for my YouTube channel… or possibly one of the other sketches I’ve posted. I can’t decide. :/

  5. Just uploaded my Halloween video! :D

  6. Finished this tonight!  I used PanPastels (for the first time) on the background, I really like the slightly smoky effect they produced.  The video for this will be uploaded on Thursday, for Halloween! Yay! :D

  7. I forgot I really love inking… I haven’t properly inked anything in almost 4 months. O:

  8. fantastical-blogomotron:


    OMG if only I had this much talent…

    Remember when this is really weird and omg Kerrie what.

    So… apparently my art is a gif set now.


  9. Today….



    They’re so….beautiful. :D



  10. 3 hours, 49 colors and lots of ink later…

    I did this sketch quickly last night….


    And finished the picture this morning.


    I’m converting the videos right now… it’s taking forever as usual.  But once it’s done I’ll put the video together, add some music and then post it on my channel!  Hopefully by tonight… and if not, definitely tomorrow! :D


  11. A nights work…

    I inked this picture months ago and it’s been floating around my room ever since… Last night, I really wanted to color something while my friend and I were watching Disney movies and being dorks.


    Not my favorite, but it’s something.  There are also ridiculous videos that go along with this.  I thought it would be a fun idea to do a live coloring video with my friend in the room… it may or may not end up on my YouTube channel… I have yet to decide. XD

    I’ve been feeling kind of stuck lately, drawing wise… so I guess this is a start. -_-

    *EDIT* Should I post the ridiculous video(s)? Or should I make it into a speed coloring video? I can’t decide…. D: