1. Very nearly finished with my mechanical hand sculpture for character sculpting class. :B Still need to fix a lot of the janky parts though… O:


  2. This evenings entertainment…

    Rather than working on my homework like a good student, I have spent the evening building this:

    The second shelf on my desk is now officially a nightmare.

    I also laughed for like 20 minutes at little Lego Iron man.

    I really, really need to work on my homework now. D:


  3. So, I’m writing this essay…

    for my Argumentation and Research class.  The last day of class is next Tuesday, which is the same day the final draft of this essay is due.

    I’ve been having a slightly difficult time working on it, I’m not a big fan of essay writing (or writing in general actually), and the subject I’m writing about has a very limited amount of research information available, needless to say, it’s been a bit frustrating. 

    So here I am at 2am, working on the rough draft of this essay when I randomly decide to check my horoscope for the 2nd of May. And it reads:


  4. Making books….

    For my Color Theory final project we have to hand make books….  It looks like a craft store exploded in my room.  Stamping supplies, markers, paper… it’s a terrible nightmare right now. DX


    My desk is a also nightmare right now. D:


    I’ve had Happy Working Song playing for the last half hour… Gotta convince myself that I’m enjoying the work.  Tomorrows work: MAYA FINAL OF DOOM.

    I’m almost done… almost.



  5. Remember when I was suppose to be doing my 3D Modeling Nurbs homework… but I was lost somewhere on MapCrunch instead?

    Good times.


  6. Finished Color Theory Complementary Mixing Mosaic project


    Complete with terrible haiku as asked!

    It could be worse…


    Up next - Operation “Name All That Crap You Built In Maya Because You Were Too Lazy To Do It Before”. 

    Sound like fun?


  7. The current state of my desk…


    Working on my Color Theory Complementary Mixing Mosaic project.  While watching Sherlock (which makes even the dullest of assignments much more entertaining). 

    It took like 800 years to cut out all those tiny pieces of paper. =__=


  8. Homework: Art Project 03 

    The space (texture) project.


    Not quite finished… not quite liking it.  But it’ll have to do. D:  There’s some planets that need fixing. So much work to do still….



  9. Goals for the day:

    1. Download Photoshop trial… so I can do my homework
    2. Finish Design, Media and Communication take home test
    3. Prepare midterm speech about the Partners statue at Disneyland
    4. Do Photoshop Kayak homework
    5. Start working on my Space project for Principals of Visual Communication
    6. Email my financial adviser and beg for money
    7. Look for cheap flights =__=
    8. Book that Disneyland trip for January :D

    Lots to do today… but the Tumblr keeps calling me…


  10. Goals for the day:

    1. Do laundry… =__=
    2. Finish 3D Modeling and Animation homework (after almost 6 hours of work yesterday) D:
    3. Draw planets for Principals of Visual Communication
    4. Attempt to prepare for midterms tomorrow (lol)
    5. Do laundry
    6. Pick up mother and sister from the airport @11 tonight (this one would be really depressing to forget)

    I am not excited.


  11. image

    I am so done with this picture. =__= No more homework for me tonight.


  12. Homework and wall art

    My Guernica project for Principals of Visual Communication… is due tomorrow and I’m not even kind of near close to finishing it….


    And my second Thomas Kinkade Disney print!  It’s so vibrant and wonderful!



  13. Dear Maya homework…


    =__= Love Kerrie

    Looks like this is as good as it’s going to get… it kind of looks like the Bearing Service Building… kind of.



  14. The reality of homework...

    1. expectations: closing tumblr and do all your homework.
    2. reality: closing tumblr and reward yourself with tumblr.