1. The last page in my sketchbook #misskerriej #howtotrainyourdragon #httyd2 #kerriesart #httyd

  2. Thanks for a great 3 years on YouTube everyone! :D  I just reuploaded the first YouTube video I ever posted, and the angel camera angle is terrible. XD

  3. Just posted a new sketching video over on YouTube!

  4. Finally had some time to coloring this last night. :B 

  5. Someone take this pencil away from me.

  7. Colored this tonight!  But now… my desk is so messy I’m going to die. DX

  8. Another small sketch update!  Done over the past 2 days… not much, but it’s a lot for me since I don’t draw very often. *is a terrible excuse for an artist*


  9. Had some requests for a sketch update.  Some are older, some are more resent. :)

  10. Finally colored this tonight.  Video coming soon. :)

  11. Been working on this drawing today.

  12. This took soooo long to ink…

  13. New video!!! :D Yay!

  14. Small drawing update!!

    Not a bunch of pictures, just the ones I kind of like.  I’ve been working mostly on animations and character designs for school lately, they take up a strange amount of time… Some of the character design pictures are posted. :B  And since everyone has been asking, that Loki picture I did a few weeks ago will most likely become a video.  I’m planning on working on it this coming weekend. :D


  15. Remember when it was 2:30 in the morning and I was going to go to bed…

    then this happened?  I’ve never drawn Loki before… kind of liking it. :B


    All my homework lay forgotten on my bed.  So much for working on my animation walk cycle tonight…