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Thanks for a great 3 years on YouTube everyone! :D  I just reuploaded the first YouTube video I ever posted, and the angel camera angle is terrible. XD

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Another small sketch update!  Done over the past 2 days… not much, but it’s a lot for me since I don’t draw very often. *is a terrible excuse for an artist*


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Had some requests for a sketch update.  Some are older, some are more resent. :)

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Small drawing update!!

Not a bunch of pictures, just the ones I kind of like.  I’ve been working mostly on animations and character designs for school lately, they take up a strange amount of time… Some of the character design pictures are posted. :B  And since everyone has been asking, that Loki picture I did a few weeks ago will most likely become a video.  I’m planning on working on it this coming weekend. :D

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then this happened?  I’ve never drawn Loki before… kind of liking it. :B


All my homework lay forgotten on my bed.  So much for working on my animation walk cycle tonight…

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I got my own animation table/light box!  Now I don’t have to go to school to do my homework! YAY!

It’s stainless steel and rather heavy.  I felt bad for the UPS guy who had to carry it up our stairs today. :B