1. Look, I posted a thing! :D

  2. Filmed the 3 marker challenge tonight… twice.  I had an issue with a corrupted video file, so I had to do the inking and coloring over again.  Now I have two nearly identical versions of the same illustration.  Video will be posted tomorrow! :D

  3. Finally finished this… I’m not entirely happy with how it came out, but that is alright.  The YouTube video will be edited and uploaded tomorrow! :O

  4. Finished coloring Elsa, now onto Anna. :)

  5. Finished the main part of the coloring last night, I just need to do something for the background… but, I haven’t decided what medium I want to use yet.

  6. Finally finished with this, it took so long. :O

  7. My Copic coloring is really rusty since I’ve spent the last 2 months doing oil paintings for school. D:

  8. Finished! Yay!  It’s pretty simple, but I like it. :)


  9. I just opened my last pack of Gina K cardstock in ivory for the picture I’m working on… Now I need to buy more, otherwise I will forget and run out.


  10. 3 hours, 49 colors and lots of ink later…

    I did this sketch quickly last night….


    And finished the picture this morning.


    I’m converting the videos right now… it’s taking forever as usual.  But once it’s done I’ll put the video together, add some music and then post it on my channel!  Hopefully by tonight… and if not, definitely tomorrow! :D


  11. A sketch and fun news!

    Whee!! I’m drawing Ariel!  Hopefully, this will turn into a video for this weekend. :D


    In other awesome news: The picture below is in the voting for the Copic Coloring Contest! :D


    Please, please pleaaaaaaase go and vote for me!!!! :D


    *edit* lol I just realized that they have almost the same pose. XD I’ll have to change that.