1. Finally finished this… I’m not entirely happy with how it came out, but that is alright.  The YouTube video will be edited and uploaded tomorrow! :O

  2. Finally colored this tonight.  Video coming soon. :)


  3. Been in kind of a drawing slump….

    Finally drew something that I actually kind of like. I was suppose to be working on my homework… but, this happened instead.


    Gotta start my Color Theory cutout homework and my Anatomy and Movement homework tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll be able to work on this too. :)  Then I can actually use my new Copics. :D



  5. idawithtequila:

    “Adventure is waiting. Let it open your eyes to a world of romance music and dance. This journey holds a surprise…The world is a carousel is color, so wonderful, so beautiful to see…The wonderful world of color”

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