1. End of term celebration presents… because I have a problem.

    Finals are over YAY!!! I have the tendency to get myself rewards for completing the term successfully…. And because I have a horrific shopping addiction. XD  Summer term reward- My friends Brittany and Stacey got to go on a free trip to Disneyland with me.  Fall term reward - Miss Brittany and Miss Katie got to go to Disneyland with me again.  Winter term… no time for Disneyland trip, but maybe in a few months. D:

    I got this in the mail today - a Chocola Sucre bag from Japan… I love it sooo much, it’s nice and roomy and it’s lined with tartan fabric. XD  

    I have a strange love for these types of bags (Candy Sugar brand bags from Japan), which is why I have 5 of them. XD The other leather one in the picture is new as well, I got it last week to use as my new school bag.

    This was my birthday present for myself (since my birthday is on the 30th).  I’ve been wanting to get a nice camera for a while… and since I’m going to London in September I figured it was time to get one.

    Now I can take beautiful pictures of my cats! (this is Paulina, she’s the only one who would let me take a picture of her. D:)

    I will now happily sit around and do nothing for the next week and a half. :)