1. Hot Toys Thor arrived unexpectedly today!  I didn’t even know he had shipped… What a surprise! :D

  2. Copic 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Set. 

    These are awesome, I can’t wait to use them. :D


  3. Katie, Cami and Brittany!!!




  4. I got an ‘A’ in my 3D Modeling class…

    I got all A’s again this term. How does this keep happening?!


  5. Simple pleasures

    Today… I finally found a seller that will import my favorite face scrub and hair conditioner from Britain to the US…  Goodbye money!!

    I’ve been conserving my last bottles of each for almost a year.  Thank the Lord.


  6. Art prints!

    Finally got around to getting frames for my prints today… they’d been sitting around waiting to be framed for a looong time.

    My Rapunzel print (that limited edition one I posted about in January)

    These two are the ones I ordered from Off the Page when I was in Disneyland. :D

    Sadly, the only one I didn’t get a frame for is my Sherlock print…

    I had to custom frame it… so I’m still waiting for that frame. D:

    I think they’ll go nicely with the other two prints I have up already - My Thomas Kinkade Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle prints. :D



  7. New computer!!

    After a shipping delay… I finally go my new computer today!! :D

    I can use Maya for my 3D Modeling class on it now (no more working off a laptop)!! Thank the Lord!!! :D

    Tower is shiny!!! :D (that’s my portable hard drive on top of it)

    But… Dear God the mess… DX

    R.I.P. Desktop 2005… you had a good long life (especially considering how many times I got the blue screen of death and things of that nature on it).


  8. Today….



    They’re so….beautiful. :D


  9. fantastical-blogomotron:


    New Images from Pixar’s ‘BRAVE’

    In theatres June 22, 2012.


    Do I hear there will be a new trailer tomorrow?!? :D OMGYAY