1. Meanwhile on Kerrie’s desk…

    All the Ottlites are blocking my Tumblr.


    Kerrie is not pleased. lol

    Oh! BTW - that picture on my desk is the product of my real-time sketching video that I just filmed! :D


  2. A sketch and fun news!

    Whee!! I’m drawing Ariel!  Hopefully, this will turn into a video for this weekend. :D


    In other awesome news: The picture below is in the voting for the Copic Coloring Contest! :D


    Please, please pleaaaaaaase go and vote for me!!!! :D


    *edit* lol I just realized that they have almost the same pose. XD I’ll have to change that.


  3. :D

    Something kind of (really) cool happened today which makes Kerrie make this face: